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Filming a giraffe at Busch Gardens
Colder Than It Looks
Studio White Screen
Empire of the Penguin
Forced Perspective Silliness
TIFF Timeout
A Morning Beach
The Dolphin Challenge
The Emperor Dalek
Drumheller Dinosaur Museum
Dragon's Den
TD Canada Trust
Reverse Luge
Japanese Dog
Ferry Ride
YTV sillhouette
Frozen Grounds
Desert Team
Volcanic Scouting
Stand Back! We're doing Science!
Hitting the Live
Filming a Giraffe at Busch Gardens

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Filming indoor sky-diving. That's me in the door frame calculating whether I could move another few inches inward. You see, the doorway becomes a vacuum when the machine is running, so there's the chance for some high comedy to happen. Did I say comedy? I meant injury.